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For Example: if you want to dial a telephone number 12345678 of London, UK: 00 (China exit code) 44 (country code of UK) 20 (area code of London) > 12345678.Here below are some of other countries/regions exit code and country code for reference 2-letter country codes, 3-letter country codes and a world atlas of facts flags and maps including every continent, country, dependency, exotic destination, island, major city, ocean, province, state territory on the planet!20. El Salvador. The following is a list of country calling codes. These are area codes for telephone numbers. Places in NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Area) have been given area codes as if they were all areas inside one country. 1 United States of America. Below is a comprehensive list of all country phone codes and international exit codes. For more info on dialing a specific country (such as area codes, phone books, and more) please use the top navigation to choose your country.Egypt. 20. Last updated. 13 December 2013. Access codes. Country calling code. 44.

International call prefix.St Helens. 74 SH. 20-29. Country Code Lite for PC 1.0. you ever received a message from a foreign and you didnt.20 March 2014. 500 - 1,000 Downloads. Size. Android : 2.2 and up. In : Education. France 44 for PC 1.3.1. wines, spirits and beers from our store, mark your favorites United kingdom country code 44 gb codes. This reverse you can find your country code by running an online search with the query which exit use determines international carrier youll to so (if were calling from us) would dial, 011 44 20 Looking for a comprehensive overview of all Country Codes of the world? provides you an overview with all international country codes! Country Codes, also known as Dialling Codes or Access Codes, determine the country of a phone number.

STEP 2: Dial the UKs country code, 44.Just dial 00. Instructions for Calling to Cities within the UK. The UKs largest city, London, uses the 20 area code with eight-digit local numbers. Which country has 44 as dialing code? The country code 44 (44 area code) belongs to: United Kingdom.44. 20. Londres. HZ > Country codes > Area codes used to dial to cities in UK. See: UK Time Zone UK Distance UK Time Difference.44 - 20. England - Barnard Castle. Before dialing, you must first enter the country code for Jersey and then the area code of the city you want to call.Greenwich. 44. 20. United Kingdom Countrycode. 44. Telephone Country Code44 20. Manchester. Composition of a country code list. For international calling codes, most countries haveFor instance, Frances country code is 33, and the United Kingdoms country code is 44.246 --- Diego Garcia 767 --- Dominca 809 --- Dominican Republic 253 --- Djibouti 593 --- Ecuador 20 --- Egypt 503 18/01/2018 Telephone country code 20 (dialed as 00 20 or011 20 from many places) is Egypt, andtelephone area code 20 3 is Alexandria, Egypt.Commons matches a as individual applications prefer country code 44 203. Basic format: International dialing code country code subscriber number. Examples: The UK number (020) 7222 1234 would become: From Germany - 00 44 20 7222 1234 or From the USA - 011 44 20 7222 1234. As other posters have mentioned, mobile phones will usually just let you enter 44 Home Country Calling Codes or International Dialing Codes 44 Country Code.44 Country Code is assigned to Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, United Kingdom. You may need to follow special instructions to dial numbers from different countries. In the United Kingdom, country code 44: the internal prefix is 0, the international prefix is 00 the area code is 20 (London), and the subscriber number might be 7777 7777. International Dialing Codes, Country Dialing Codes, Mobile Codes, Country and City Area Codes. Click on the letter corresponding to the first letter of the Country name you are calling for area codeMinsk 172 Mobile codes: 44, 29, 259, 33 View dialing codes and compare Belarus phone cards. 20. 00.00 048 to Northern Ireland (this special arrangement is much cheaper than dialing through the UK using country code 44). 0. Search. Countries in Europe.United Kingdom Phone Code: 44. London Area Code: 20. Area Code 20: London, United Kingdom.Country Code 44 include: United Kingdom, Guernsey Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Jersey. EASY TO REMEMBER URL: for United Kingdom country code 44 country codes GB and United Kingdom phone number.44-20. Country Exit Code 44 20. Local Number.To call a mobile phone in United Kingdom from Singapore use the following dialing code format: Exit Code 44 Mobile Code The Number United Kingdom has multiple mobile carriers: 74 (Mostly mobile broadband), 75, 7624 (Isle of The Country Code is the prefix that is used when phoning to a country from another country in that sense it is like an international area code.IDD CC 011 - 237 - area code - phone number. Table of Country Codes and International Direct Dialing Prefixes.Egypt. 20. Codes of the countries. What is a country code. Before you begin to search for a particular country code, you need to understand that every country has a lot of different codes.20. EG. EGY. 44 country code for United Kingdom (dialed as 00 44 from many places) 20 area code for London. (The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." 44 area code detail information. Complete resource on how to call United Kingdom: country code, area codes and more international calling info.Example: To call to London United Kingdom, you need to dial 00 44 20 Local Number. Country code 44 / 01144. Home. History of the telephone.Instructions for use: Country code for international telephone calls are similar to the local area codes for a city when calling within the country. What does the plus sign () mean? The international standard format for writing telephone numbers is Country City Number. For example, 1 202 456 1111 (Washington, DC, USA) or 44 20 7222 1234 (London, England, UK) or 678 23499 (Vanuatu, no city code).

Country code 44 20. Score Reporter. This playset depicts everyones favorite neighbors down in forms Bikini Bottom, charlotte is quickly becoming one of the most popular performers in the WWE. 44.It looks like: Access code (IDD) country calling code area code (if any) subscribers phone number.II. then you dial the Dialing Country Code alias Country Calling Code for country B (see list above). up vote 44 down vote. Dont maintain your own table of all this data! Use the "Java International Phone Number Utilities library v3.0", https Arya Dec 1 16 at 20:33. Area codes are referenced in the C code, but in the java code there seems to be a confusion around country code versus area code. While 447 is not a country code, 44 is the country code for the United Kingdom and its dependencies.A: The telephone code 0020 allows a caller from a country that has an exit code of 00 to make an international call to Egypt, which has the country code 20. Without the dialing code, nobody cant make a call from the other country to the United Kingdom (UK).44 20. Huddersfield. Find country codes / prefixes: Dialing phone code directory for international calls.I received a missed call from 44 20 3608 5161 afew minute ago, who is the caller? esty indonesia April 6, 2017, 4:55 pm. This page gives you answers to the following questions : Where is country code 44 ?, Which Country Has area Code 44?, What Country Code Is 44 ?20. ElSalvador. 503. "Other countries are introducing similar ranges prefixed with 5 for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) numbering, such as Japan, South Korea, Switzerland.London will have a single area code 44 20, in place of todays separate 44 171 (inner London) and 44 181 (outer London) codes. Question: I am calling a country with country code 0044 I do not recognize this number what country is it? Answer: 0044 is most likely a mislabeled country code 44 the country code for the United Kingdom, as well as Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man. Country Code 44. Local area code. Local phone number Guernsey, United Kingdom (England), Isle of Man, Jersey. 44- xxx xx xx.Search tags. which country code is 44. Country code: 7 Country: Russia Country code: 7 Country: Kazakhstan Country code: 7707 Country: Kazakhstan (mobile number) Operator: 7707: Tele2. Which country has 44?, The country code 44 belongs to United Kingdom.By Country Code: By Country VoIP services may also use the non-geographic 44 56 number range. (Tip courtesy Ken London will have a single area code 44 20 44. Yes. United States Minor Outlying Islands.DS - Have you ever wondered about those white oval stickers on cars, with a country code in them? They are provided for by Article 20 of the Convention on Road Traffic (Geneva, 1949). Country: United Kingdom Country Code: 44 United Kingdom Area Code 20: London, Croydon, Hemel Hempstead, (cities listed below) Exit Code: 00 ISO Codes: GB/GBR United Kingdom Population: 62,348,447 Continent: Europe. Найдено по ссылке: Country Codes with Phone Dialing Calling Codes and Country Informations. The country code 44 indicates that the phone number you are about to dial is to United Kingdom in Europe. Before you call to United Kingdom you should be aware of that they speak English.44-20. List of country calling codes. This article is a travel topic When calling a phone number in another country, there is usually a prefix you have to dial to indicate that youre placing an international call this varies by country. Here, the tool provides the valuable data of search term Country Code 44 20, including a-z related keywords, top search volume keywords, popular keyword suggestions, and hot shared image resources. The IDD prefix is required to be dialled prior to the country code. For those dialling from a country other than Australia, you will need to dial that countrys specific IDD code.Country (L to Z). Code.Egypt. 20. Local people know to dial (0), and not the 44, ALL that stuff is for people who are either out of the country, or visiting from outside the country.If theres a desire to highlight the international code, you could put: ( 44.20 / 020) 7xxx xxxx.

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