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The deadline for filing your self assessment tax return is midnight of 31 January each year. Your tax return for 2016/2017 is due 31 January 2018. UK non resident landlord tax return. Pensions Tax Rebate.October Harvest Festival, Halloween and the deadline for filing your paper self-assessment tax return! HMRC must receive your paper tax return for the 2014/15 tax year by 31st October 2015. Partnership tax returns will be due on March 15th, not April 15th (for calendar year partnerships)There are several other deadline changes in the law, but they all are for 2015 returns due in 2016 (not 2014 returns due in 2015). your tax return by even the October 15th deadline, the question is whether there will be penalties for late filing. The penalties are completely based on whether you owe money or you exceed the extended deadline. The official deadline to file your federal income tax return each year can be a little shifty. Yes, its supposed to be April 15—unless something interferes with that timing like April 15 falling on a weekend or a holiday. 2014/15 deadline. Personal self-assessment tax returns for 2014/15 must be submitted by no later than midnight on 31 January 2016. If you miss the deadline HMRC will fine you 100. 2014/15 UK Tax Returns usually need to be filed with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) by 31 January 2016 if you file on- line but must be filed by 31 October 2015 if you file a hard copy paper Tax Return. If you are late in registering to file a Self Assessment Tax Return, the deadline is extended Tax Return Deadline Tax Deductions One Month Uk News January.TaxReturns from 99 - The SelfAssessment Tax Return deadline is tomorrow at midnight.Individual Tax Return Extensions are due October 15. February 20, 2018 The first day for using NETFILE to electronically file your 2017 CRA tax return. For TELEFILE, call 1-800-959-1110.

For prior years, see: 2017 RRSP deadline, 2016 RRSP deadline, 2015 RRSP deadline, 2014 RRSP deadline. March 15, 2018 Quarterly instalment due if you pay The new tax year is upon us and if you must file tax in the UK, make note of the deadlines for the 2013-2014 tax year which ended on the 5th April 2014. If you dont file your tax return before the deadline HMRC will issue you with a penalty. Tax Deadlines 2018. December 31, 2017. Last day to make any tax moves for the year 2014. Last day to set up a solo 401(k) for self-employed persons.Extended deadline is September 15, 2018. Trust and Estate income tax returns (Form 1041). Some useful information regarding tax rates, key dates, tax codes and minimum wages 2014/15 .

Income Tax Rates (non-dividend income). 10 lower rate tax - savings rate . More rates can be found at uk/rates/index.htm. The deadline for sending in your 2014-15 tax returns to The deadline for paying tax for the 2014-15 tax year is 31 January 2016. online tax return deadline uk 2014 If you give money to a charity you are allowed to reclaim income tax on the sum, so be sure to mention any donations on your tax return. When your run your own business deadlines for tax returns and payments are important and your tax obligations get a little more complicated than simply completing an annual self-assessment tax return. Tax deadlines for 2014. Note: If youd like a printable version, click here to download a pdf. Jan 15, 2014 4th quarter estimated tax payments due for 2013 — unless you file your 2012 return and pay all taxes due by January 31, 2013. With the start of the festive season, this unfortunately means that the Self-Assessment Tax Return deadline is not far away. With January being the last chance to file your tax return on time for the 2014/15 tax year, we(OTS) provides advice to the Chancellor on simplifying the UK tax Read more Theres 3 weeks to go until tax return deadline day. By 31st January 2017, you will need to file your tax return and pay any tax owed to avoid penalties.360 Degree Photo Inventories are a real game changer February 15, 2018. But forgetting your tax return will cost you - literally. The deadline for online self-assessment tax returns for the 2014-15 tax year - which ended on April 15 2015 - to be completed was January 31. So its been and gone. Submit Paper Tax Return by Oct 31st! Its tax return time again and HMRC has been issuing reminders for those of you who wish to submit your 2014-2015 self assessment return in paper format. The return must be filed (not just put in the post) with only 1 of them having filed tax returns late in 2014.Council Tax (1) Credit Cards (1) CREST (1) CT (1) CTC (2) Data protection act (1) Deadline (15) Digital tax accounts (1) Disability living allowance (1) Disclosure (3) Discount (2) Dividends (2) DLA (1) Double-taxation agreement (1) see the sections Relief through donations and Cap on income tax reliefs in this guide for more information. 2 UK year end tax planning Your guide.Deadline for online submission of 2014/15 tax return where HMRC are to collect tax through clients PAYE code. 31 January 2016. Late tax returns and penalties for UK tax returns online . If you miss the deadline for filing your tax return online or paying your bill, you could face harsh penalties.Things only get worse if you also fail to pay your tax bill on time. The deadline for paying tax for the 2014-15 tax year is 31 January 2016. Tax Returns Deadline 2016/17 - Find Tax deadlines payment deadlines for 2016/17, dont forget to file your tax return or make a payment in 2016/17, DNS Tax Return Guide.the tax rate applicable for the financial year starting 1 April 2014 for 31 days (1 March to 31 March). Determine when to get your tax return postmarked to meet the tax deadline .The tax deadline is extended when the traditional April 15 deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday. In this case it would be on the next business day (Monday). Tax Return Deadline. Posted by admin on November 10, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments.It doesnt seem more than a few months ago when we were last filling in all the details on our tax return, but as the nights draw in, the deadline for 2014/15 returns draws closer. The deadlines for tax returns to be submitted to HMRC are as follows: 31 October, if a paper return is filed (whether or not the taxpayer wishes HMRC to calculate the liability) andFor example, HMRC issued a notice to file to Mr Smith for the 2014/15 tax year on 6 April 2015. 14.05.2017UK Tax Calculators App Now Available Free on Android. 15.04.2017Website and App Data Now Encrypted.30th November 2017 - Tax Week 47. Tax Return Deadline Reminder. UK tax deadlines 2014. Dont sweat, you still have plenty of time to fill your Self Assessment tax return for the 2012 to 2013 tax year, but make it your priority and just get it done, as the deadline is approaching. There are now less than 5 weeks until the final deadline to submit a 2014 tax return (covering the year to 5th April 2014.)James McBrearty specialises in making tax easy for the self-employed. He founded taxhelp. in 2006 and is also the author of 2 books for small business. use the remittance basis for 201415. 9 Additional information. Fill in these pages if you have: interest from UK securities, deeply discounted.If we receive your paper tax return by the deadline, we will work out if you have any tax to pay and tell you before 31 January 2016. Either way, taxpayers will avoid stiff penalties if they file either a regular income tax return or a request for a tax-filing extension by this years April 15 deadline. Greece: deadline for 2014 income tax return extended until 30 June 2015 societies Tax return deadline 2015: In numbers | Business News More than half a million self-employed people or small businesses in the UK will leave completing their tax returns until today AFP/Getty Tomorrow is theHow to submit your tax return, plus tax return deadlines for the tax year 2014-15. The OP hasnt missed any deadlines, the tax return that needs to be completed is for the 14/ 15 tax year (as they started trading in May 14). The deadlines for that return are 31/10/15 to file on paper or 31/01/16 to file online. 2014-15 Tax Return Deadline - 2014-15 Tax Returns need to be filed online by 31st January 2016.Cardiff, United Kingdom, Cardiff. 2018 UK Tour. 07 March , Wednesday. April 15, 2018. Filing a 2014 tax amendment. You can file an amended or previous year return anytime, but you have a deadline of 3 years from the original due date to claim any tax refund. If there are exceptional circumstances which explain why you missed the tax return filing deadline, you can appeal against the penalty. You can download the usual appeal form SA370 from the Gov. uk website. Tax Day for Tax Year 2017 - Filing deadline and due date for Federal Income Tax Returns. Prepare and efile your 2017 tax return from early January-October 15, 2018 on Year 2016 Tax Year 2015 Tax Year 2014 Tax Year 2013. A Survey of the UK Tax System. Updated by Thomas Pope and Tom Waters November 2016.Fixed penalties and surcharges operate for those failing to make their returns by the deadlines andThe government set a floor below which the standard rate cannot fall of 80 per tonne in 201415, which UK Tax Calendar: Deadlines March - April 2016.January 2016. Jan 31st - Deadline for online return of your 2014/15 self assessment form. . 100 fine if its late regardless of whether tax owing or not. Tomorrow is the deadline to fill in your online tax return - but there are still hundreds of thousands of people who have left it to the last minute. In fact more than half a million self-employed people or small businesses in the UK will leave completing their tax returns until today January 31st is also the deadline for paying any tax you owe for 2014/15, so preparing the return as soon as possible is advised otherwise youJames McBrearty specialises in making tax easy for the self-employed. He founded taxhelp. in 2006 and is also the author of 2 books for small business. Posted on January 15, 2016 by Isabelle Fraser.The UK tax year that is currently being assessed includes income from 6 April 2014 to 5 April 2015. The deadline to send taxes for paper returns was 31 October 2015. The deadlines for sending HMRC your tax return are: you must send paper tax returns in by 31 October.Sign in. 15. 0.Tax Refund UK Claim Your Taxes Back Possible Thousands Of Pounds Free - Duration: 3:01. taxrefunduk1 7,971 views. miss the tax return deadline. Personal tax returns for the 2014/15 tax year (which ended on 5 April 2015) must be filed online by 31 January 2016 at the latest. Filing deadline tax returns. by Folkert Mijlof. When do I need to submit and file the tax return? is a commonly asked question from businesses and individuals in the Netherlands. Tax Return Filing Deadline for Self-Employed Persons: If you or your spouse or common-law partner carried on a business in 2013 (other than a business whose expenditures are primarily in connection with a tax shelter), your return for 2013 has to be filed on or before June 15, 2014. It explains Filing Income Tax Return after deadline,Last date for filing ITR,penalties on late filing ITR, Return filed under can i fill income tax return for A.Y.2014-15 which sec.its nil return. Articles By This Author. Tax Return 2013-2014 Deadline 31 January 2015.You have income from trusts, settlement or estates. You have capital gain tax to pay. You have lived or work abroad or dont live in the UK permanently. Self Employed and UK Tax Return Services. US Income Tax Returns. Tax Numbers for Business Individuals.This calendar should help you establish what the 2014/15 key tax deadlines are.

Self-Assessment tax return deadline for the UK. Business Accounting Basics.Wednesday, April 15, 2015 is probably a day circled in red on your calendar. Its the Internal Revenue Service Tax filing deadline, also known as Tax Day.

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