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Dont reinvent the wheel and use a library to make it easy, functional and correct. In this case, we recommend you to use jquery.matchheight to achieve your goal. There are a lot of jQuery plugins that promise a completely script to make that your divs will be of the same height in every browser jQuery :not() Selector. jQuery Selectors. Example. Select all

elements except those with class"intro" While working on a Sitefinity Image Gallery control, I came across an issue using jQuery.width() and height() methods on the loaded images from the Sitefinity Images Documents module. jQuery UI Widgets Forums Navigation NavigationBar, ToolBar, NavBar jqxNavigationBar not using height correctly reproducable. This topic contains 2 replies, has 2 voices, and was last updated by Peter Stoev 3 years, 10 months ago. css html javascript jquery. JQuery not getting correct width.However, for some reason, there are elements that sometimes dont get a matching width and height. If the div is hidden (display:none) when you fire the jQuery height() - it will always return a height of 0. I believe this is due to it not actually taking up space on your page - meaning its not really a part of it without being displayed.So you make the window, feed it data then want its size, correct? jquery January 04,2018 3. I am writing a jquery based widget that will go on another companys website.

When I try to set the height of theJQuery replace image with new one using one page and displaying correct parameter in address bar. jquery jquery image replace December 17,2017 2. Issue on Downloading Image Using jQuery. Making calculator in html with django and python.Ive given it the min-height:50px otherwise it would not resize when scrolling, however, the div does not recognize its content and has a height of 50, but it should have a height of 90. In todays time every one want to run their site on all platform like mobile i-phone i-pad etc. so when we work on these platform some time we need to calculate the height of window or any selector at the time of change the orientation. we can get the orientation change using jQuery but some time when we Ive been using jQuery Height function.

But there was a problem in getting the correct height of my div element. This div elements height is set to auto, which means the divs height depends only on the elements inside of it. I am working on bx slider jquery plugin. Some times the viewport height is not setting correctly. this will happen when the slider is getting loaded first time. If i click the next or prev button once the viewport is set correctly.I checked in bxSlider.js also, it also return the wrong How do i get (document).height() / ("body").height() to return the correct value? The old issue: how to make jQuery Mobile Page cover the full screen height only when screenHeight is greater than page height. JQuery .height() property not working? Jquery ui show() method not working correctly on div with floating child divs? JQuery AJAX GET - how to debug and check whats working? Wednesday, 4 September 2013. jQuery .height() not functioning correctly.PHP time not showing correct. How to combine regression tables in knitr. Microfocus Cobol Animator Debugger. Removing an event listener is removing for all ite Ive been using jQuery Height function. But there was a problem in getting the correct height of my div element. This div elements height is set to auto, which means the divs height depends only on the elements inside of it. JQuery height () returns false values. Im trying to use jQuery to set the height of several divs to all be the same height as the tallest div. Basically I loop through the divs and get the height from each of them, storing the largest one in a variable. I am working on adapt e-learning framework and I am trying to center align the notify-popup(div) vertically. For this I set top margin through js which requires the height of notify-popup, so I get its height using (.notify-popup).height (true). This calculated height is assigned to the element using the jQuery . height() method.Textinput: height correctly calculated (without extra padding) for box-sizing 5692. There is a bug jQuery outerHeight in older versions where it wont return the height if you dont pass a parameter. Also as suggested in the comments you need to remove the true from height(). Jquery sometime shows incorrect height for jQuery window height is not correct. Hello, I am trying to set find all divs of class "transcontent" , set the height of each divs parent equal to the respective div. Re: [jQuery] Height overwrite. David Duymelinck Fri, 27 Oct 2006 05:34:20 -0700.NHeight is set the correct Height, see alert, the CSS works not :( > > Thanks, > have you tried (textarea).css(" height",NHeight).

slideDown(slow) I am using jquery.viewport to create an viewport function: I use jquery ui to create slider and a own written zoom function to zoom the image.body width : auto height: auto overflow:hidden JQuery. jquery-match-height. jquery.matchHeight.js. matchHeight makes the height of all selected elements exactly equal. It handles many edge cases that cause similar plugins to fail. brm.io/ jquery-match-height. Doing something like field height: 34px isnt what i want to do to get the handle in the correct position. Is there a setting that will make it so that the handle appears at the appropriate place? The catch is that all of the elements inside the field div are floated. For example, if the height of tvguidecontents is 1932px, the value of playlistHeight appears as 2012px and thus the title bar is higher.This does not happen on Firefox, the title bar is resized correctly there. Thanks for your help. Solution to JQuery CSS Height setting not working on jQuery window height is not correct.I was trying to get window height using jquerys (window).height() calculate window height / document height correctly if doctype is not jQuery height( ) Method - Learn jQuery in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including jQuery Overview, Basics, Selectors, Attributes, Traversing, CSS, DOM Manipulation, AJAX Support, Drag and Drop, Effects, Event Handling, UI Any idea why? Appreciate help. Update. cellH: function() var height (grid-container). height() return height It is not working either Not the answer youre looking for? Browse other questions tagged jquery or ask your own question. Id noticed a strange behaviour of jquery.height() function. Have a look at the following code.Correct way to synchronize ArrayList in java. In Java, what is the difference between this.method() and method()? Home. Computers Internet jquery - Why height is not calculated correct?The issue I noticed is that the height is not calculated according to the divs (image and text), resulting in inconsistent gap spacing between the images. Using MvcHtmlString with jQuery templates - what is the correct razor syntax? 2011-12-07.Safari does not measure the height of div corectly with jQuery .height (). 2013-09-19. [jQuery] Correct viewport height? Visual C Programming February 13, 2014 Views:0. When I use (window). height() with Dimensions 1.2, it doesnt give me the height of the viewable part of the document. So follow along to find out how you can get div height or height of any other element using jQuery.If you have guessed that height() ignores all of that, then you are absolutely correct. Using height() only gets the height of the actual content in the div, li, etc. Height correction for an administration dashboard template in the bootstrap.Does not work correctly in jquery sort browsers (Opera, Chrome). How to hack a picture height level with jQuery? please correct my jquery toggle. If I disable that float rule in Firebug, the tab immediately snaps to the correct height, so Ill toy with the CSS, thanks very much for the lead!I had this issue also. The Jquery UI 1.7 has messed up my tabs BAD!!!ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.2/jquery.min.js">