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JavaScript value JSON encoded data. var myJSONText JSON.stringify(myObject) Using JSON with XmlHttpRequest. build XMLHttpRequest(old method). JavaScript.var data JSON.parse(xmlHttpRequest.responseText) javascript function does not return value (Json, jQuery and returns).I used: var file (controlimportfile)[0].files[0] var xmlHttpRequest new XMLHttpRequest In order to make this example simple, Ive created a JSON file on the server and we will ask the server for that file.function ajaxget(url, callback) var xmlhttp new XMLHttpRequest The standard XMLHttpRequest has no responseJSON property, just responseText and responseXML. As long as bitly really responds with some JSON to your request An updated guide/collection of guides on how to access JSON data with JavaScript.I have been messing around with this code. I keep getting this error: icons. js:13 XMLHttpRequest cannot load file Json Home Json Intro Json Syntax Json HowTo Json Http Json Files Json Example.