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Dells XPS branding was once synonymous with futuristically tailored, high-performance gaming systems. But with the acquisition of Alienware back in 2006, Dell sought to steer the branding away from its specialist heritage and usher in a new, luxurious, design-led range. Running an 8300 processor, the Dell XPS 1530 can never reach its full potentialread more.Depending on how much you add (and spend) this laptop can be one heck of a more. Review Dell XPS M1530 Notebook - XPS M1530 Reviews - General Hardware - Laptop - Dell Dell XPS m1530 laptop backlight failing Forum.YouTube TV Review: Surprisingly Incomplete. Best Cable Modems 2018. How to Spot Fake User Reviews: Amazon, Best Buy and More. Well, I thought Id start this blog with the very thing Im typing on right now. My Dell XPS M1530 Laptop. This is a terrific piece of machinery, and Im not just saying this because Im a fan of Dell! Specs: - 15.4-inch WXGA (1280 x 800) CCFL glossy screen - Crimson red paint Upon graduating high school, my parents let me choose a laptop for my graduation present. My brother already owning the Dell XPS M1330 and raving about how good it was, decided it would be a good choice to purchase its big brother Dell XPS M1530(view large image). Our pre-production XPS M1530 is equipped with the following specsMost Popular Laptop Reviews. Dell Latitude 7380 Review. MSI WS63 Mobile Workstation Review. Dell XPS M1530 is a premium product from Dell.It is one of the best Laptops available in the Market with Good Build Quality and Features and allows you to Flaunt in the Public. Lets Start the Detailed Review of Dell XPS M1530. The diligent Dell Inspiron XPS M1530 15.4 Laptop is tough and durable suitable for working under conditions ranging from 32-95 degree F and a humidity range of 10-90.About Me.

Laptop Battery Review - Battery Center Blog. Dell XPS M1530. Specifications.90 Dell XPS M1530 laptop review Source: Pocket Lint If you liked the styling of the XPS M1330 but felt it a little too small for everyday use, the XPS M1530 is the machine for you.

" Dell XPS M1530 > Reviews 22 next review Very happy with laptop 1 of 7 Ciao Users found the following review helpful Rating from Nathan401 09/05/2011 Offers for Dell XPS M1530 The only problem with this laptop that i have had in 3 years is a common" Used Dell Laptops - Buy cheap Dell used or refurbished laptops. Dell XPS M1530, 1545, 6410, D630 more. Save money with a used laptop.Dell XPS laptops in our opinion are a jump ahead of the standard Inspiron laptops when it comes to features, performance, and style. XPS M1530 is equipped with the following specs: 15.4-inch WXGA (1280 x 800) CCFL glossy screen "Crimson" red paint (also available in "Tuxedo" black or "Alpine" white) 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo T7500 processor, Santa Rosa chipset (up to 2.4GHz available) 2GB DDR2-667 SDRAM Laptop Dell XPS M1530, HDMI GF8600GT FREE SHIPPING for sale on Trade Me, New Zealands 1 auction and classifieds website.computers 2. Dell xps m1530 review notebookreview com. Dell xps Official dell xps m1530 manuals drivers . As with all Dell notebooks, you can choose the specification that best suits your needs but the review sample we were sent was clearly middleIf you liked the styling of the XPS M1330 but felt it a little too small for everyday use, the XPS M1530 is the machine for you.Sections Intel Dell Laptops Games. Below is a video review about the Dell XPS M1530 laptop, youll know everything you want to know about this laptop after watching the video. Another thing drives me crazy is its price, its 2,099.99 on Amazon! Dell XPS M1530 laptop Review on Dell XPS M1530. Overall 19 reviews on Dell XPS M1530 to help you make the right buying decision at Ciao.Dell XPS M1530 is a sleek and powerful multimedia machine expertly balancing performance, design and unprecedented functionality. Laptop Finder. Dell XPS M1530 Review. By Jeffrey L. Wilson | January 16, 2008.Verdict. Power, performance, and style converge to form the Dell XPS M 1530, one of the best mainstream notebooks available. Dell XPS M1530 Laptop Review. Log in or Create Account to post a comment.Dell laptops in India have launched a new laptop in the form of the Dell XPS 14 which is a powerful 14 inch laptop. Even the latest Dell XPS m1530 price is shockingly affordable! Dell has come over as a renowned name in the market which has been crowned to deliver deliver heart hacking model of laptop computers. Dell XPS M1530 review. A stylish and powerful follow-up to the M1330.When Dell released the XPS 1330 last year it was lauded by many as the best-looking laptop of all time. The look, size and build quality were perfect for the mobile traveller who needed something a little different. Today, Dell is having a great deal on a XPS M1530 laptop which is not bad at all of a deal which they throw in a 9Cell battery as a free upgrade as aSeasonic PRIME Ultra 750W Power Supply Review [H]. Laptop Reviews. Cell Phones.The Dell XPS M1530 has the following specifications: 15.4-inch WXGA (1280 x 800) CCFL glossy screen. "Crimson" red paint (also available in "Tuxedo" black or "Alpine" white). Dell XPS M1530: Making Your Laptop Experience a Lot Better. The Dell XPS M1530 is known to be the laptop that is next to perfection when it comes to provision of multimedia needs. For people who works or has a business regarding multimedia-related services, this laptop might just do the trick. Dell XPS M1530: 6 customer reviews on Australias largest opinion site 3.7 out of 5 stars for Dell XPS M1530 in Laptops.Dell XPS M1530. 3.7 from 6 reviews. Write a review Ask a question. Subcategory: Dell XPS M1530 laptops. Available for free.Here you can download drivers for Dell XPS M1530 laptop (Windows 10 x64), or download the software for automatic driver installation and update from DriverPack Solution. Home » Dell » Laptops Desktops » XPS M1530.This page contains the list of device drivers for Dell XPS M1530. To download the proper driver, first choose your operating system, then find your device name and click the download button. Laptops.Review Price: 849.00. Look familiar? If youre a regular reader or just a signed up member of Gadget-a-Holics Anonymous (then you really ought to be a regular reader), then youll know it looks distinctly like the truly wonderful Dell XPS M1330 a notebook so good it managed to snatch The Dell XPS M1530 is the updated version of the M1330. What is so great about this Dell laptop?Dell XPS-M1530 Laptop. At first I thought this was going to be a problem because I heard many negative comments about the system. Motorola Gamepad Moto Mod hands-on review.Phones Laptops Tablets Smart Watches Mp3 player Digital cameras Computer hardware. DELL XPS M1530 - laptop specifications. Dell XPS M1530 Review - Sre: 3:05. Tim Lester 235 grntleme.Comparison Between Dell Studio Desktop and Laptop XPS M1530 - Sre: 6:34. Back Business Office. Agiloft Review.Cisco Cheng Dell XPS M1530 The Dell XPS M1530 is a desktop replacement version of the M1330 that features a slot-loading Blu-ray burner and a profile that looks just as sleek as its little sibs. The Dell XPS 15 is the larger version of the Dell XPS 13, one of our favorite laptops of the last two years.Our review model of the XPS 15 features a 4K touch screen display, and at first it seemed like overkill for a laptop — particularly a laptop that isnt primarily for gaming. Dell XPS M1530 review. Attractive, powerful and not too expensive, the M 1530 sounds like the perfect laptop. Well, almost 730.This preference could be all that stands between you and what, on paper, is the best all-round notebook in the world. The M1530 is thin, not too heavy, has a decent Special Offers. Coupon: Alienware 13 Laptops Coupon. Redemption: Dell Exclusive Offer: Dell Products Cash-Back.On a hardware level the XPS M1530 we tested includes some of the most up-to-date components around. Be aware that Dells notebooks are built to order, so our review model Dell XPS M1530 price comes near around Rs.81, 000. The precise details of this laptop will be easily accessible through the Dell Laptops reviews that have been written by the experts on their basis of their device experience and after the in-depth research. Dell XPS M1530 System BIOS, A12. Related Drivers. Dell Studio Laptop 1737 Windows 7 Drivers March 15, 2011. DELL Inspiron 1000 Windows XP Drivers February 28, 2011. Dell Latitude E6420 ATG Windows 7 Drivers May 18, 2011. Dell XPS M1530. Spcifications de lordinateur portable.90 Dell XPS M1530 laptop review Source: Pocket Lint ENFR If you liked the styling of the XPS M1330 but felt it a little too small for everyday use, the XPS M1530 is the machine for you. Dell XPS M1530 Laptop. All Dell Outlet PCs and tablets come with same as new limited hardware warranty. All Dell Outlet purchases include FREE SHIPPING.Overall Rating 3.7 stars out of 5. Read Customer Reviews. Indeed, its really great features laptop notebook for your daily life use. As a configuration of this laptop notebook, its really awesome. The Dell XPS M1530 is the latest update to the companys high-performance notebook line. Top-Almighty Laptop. Add to Wish List.NOKOTION RU477 CN-0RU477 Laptop Motherboard for Dell XPS M1530 GeForce 8400M update graphics Mainboard. Dell XPS M1530 Laptop Reviews (2). July 8, 2009 by Arnoldproduct.

Wow, thanks for the review!, comparing with ASUS G1S, it would be much better than G1Ss, just wondering on how much. The lack of higher resolution screen is a big letdown too. See all my reviews. Comments about Dell XPS M1530 Notebook PC: This laptop has MANY cons. It hasnt been extremely reliable needed a repair/servicing (hardrive replace, fan replacedetc) by a Dell tech to come out to the house at least 3 times in probably 2 1/2 years. Get the inside scoop on the Dell XPS M1530 from a large number of expert and user reviews.Dell XPS M1530 is a laptop produced by Dell which offers Intel Core 2 Duo and up to 4 GB DDR2 SDRAM at 667 MHz powered in the unit. Dell XPS (Xtreme Performance System) is a line of gaming and performance computers manufactured by Dell. The XPS (Xtreme Performance System) name dates back to 1990 when Dell was more focused on corporate business than consumers. The Dell XPS M1530 is available now through the PC makers official website. Note: This article was published on October 8, and updated with the official information on November 27. Have a comment, question, or user review? Dell XPS M1530 Laptop. 3GB RAM. NO HARD DRIVE INCLUDED. one (1) hard drive caddie with screws.Бесплатная доставка. Dell XPS M1530 PP28L 15.3" Laptop. As is / for parts . System does not power on, suspected motherboard failure. The Bottom Line Dells turn toward a "design-first" philosophy continues to pay off with the XPS M1530, easily the best-looking 15-inch laptop in recent memory.Dell is currently offering only a 1,280x800 resolution LCD display, but our review unit had a slightly higher native resolution, 1,440x900 screen How To Get Free Laptops Computers Quickly And Easily. Free Dell M1530 Laptop Free Laptops Laptop Testers Wanted. Get a Free Dell XPS Today !! Specifications of the Dell XPS M1530: BASE. 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7250. OPERATING SYSTEM. Windows Vista Home Premium. MICROSOFT SOFTWARE. Microsoft Works 9.0 / English - (Does not include Microsoft Word). WEBCAM. 2mp webcam. COLOUR CHOICE.

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